Slap Bernie Madoff

by Batter Bernie on October 20, 2009

One thing that most white collar criminals fear is physical pain – their crimes are committed from a distance and they rarely see the actual result of their actions on a person's life; the loss, the stress, the arguments, the changes in physical behavior and appearance.  Well – much as though I think it would be great to have a cheese grater taken to bits of Bernie Madoff's body – it is a little Medieval and I don't know if I could actually do it myself – but I could surely slap him.

A good slap to the face – one that stings, that actually hurts – that leaves a red mark for a couple of minutes but which eventually dissipates – I think every victim of Bernie's should have the opportunity to slap him – one slap for every dollar that he stole.  No more than 1 slap a minute and no breakling of the skin – when other prisoners are having visiting hours, the criminal madoff could have slapping hours.  Every day, until he dies…

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