About Get Even With Bernie Madoff

Modern Society is just too darn tolerant.  Whatever happened to the good old days where criminals actually got to face their victims?

Get Even With Bernie Madoff is a fantasy site where anyone who is outraged by Mr. Madoff’s actions can vent their displeasure and suggestions on what they’d like to see happen to him. It was created after we saw the lavish palaces he lives in (or wastes) using the money stolen from his victims.

Did that get you as angry as it got us?

We started swearing. Then devising devilish punishments.

Frankly, we really didn’t want to see Bernie Madoff go to prison, and be supported by taxpayers’ money. Nor did we want to see him get house arrest, living in one of his palaces.

However, we did want to see him under house-arrest. But living in one of those places his investors who’ve lost their fortunes now have to live in – a low-income senior cage, wearing a security anklet.

We would love to see him get a job, wherever anyone is willing to hire him – and support himself. Perhaps in a boiler room, answering customer service questions in English. Preferably, working for a company that lost millions on his investments, and taking calls from the unhappy investors.

Then, for one hour each morning and one hour each evening, Bernie Madoff should be placed in front of a group of angry investors so they can pelt him with the rotten fruit or vegetable of their choice.

That’s just our opinion.

What’s yours?

Please add your comments to the site – be as offensive as you like – without being excessively violent or ugly. (We decide what to censor. But try us!)

And remember kids – this is just a bit of fun – if you’re offended by anything – don’t read it!

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