Scaring Bernie Madoff

by Batter Bernie on November 5, 2009

Having just got back from Halloween in New Orleans and seeing the mass of people dressed up in terrifying outfits – I couldn't but help think of that other scary figure: Mr. Bernard Madoff.  New Orleans is famous for many things: food, booze, mis-managed disaster recovery (thank you Brownie!) but it's also famous for cemetaries and ghosts.

Why not get a little "meta-physical" on Bernie and give him an opportunity to commune with the dead?  I'm sure that Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet  would love to have a little "chat" with him.  I suggest taking Mr. Madoff out into a cemetary and leaving him inside an ossarium for a night or two – on his own, no flashlight etc.  And just in case the ghosts are too disguted to haunt the little man, perhaps a pre-recorded tape of spooky audio should be provided just to scare him out of his wits.

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