Bernie Madoff in Another Robbery

by Batter Bernie on October 19, 2009

It seems that a Wisconsin low life is not without a sense of irony – after running from his third bank robbery, witnesses informed police that he was wearing a Bernie Madoff Halloween mask.  You can read more about it here.

What I particularly like about this is that it reinforces in the public mind what a criminal Bernie Madoff really is.  Often time the white collar criminal is sent off to their cushy cell for a short period of time and then returns to the general acceptance and forgiveness of their peers.  Their incarceration allows them to drop out of the spotlight and for memories of their ill deeds to fade.

Bernie Madoff stole millions from charities, he caused people to kill themselves and all to just to further his hedonistic self indulgent lifestyle.  There should be a law that all burglars are required to wear Bernie Madoff masks when robbing banks – it'll serve as a public reminder that white collar or not, Bernie Madoff is one of the biggest criminal low lives we'll ever know of.

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